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Good Reads for the Business Owner: April 2017

OneAccord Capital TeamApr 25,2017

From family dynamics to avoiding common retirement pitfalls to the forgotten Generation X, the following posts, podcasts and video help business owners strengthen, grow and ultimately plan to transition their business. 1. The Dynamics CEOs Should Consider When Passing Down the Family Business Keeping the business in the family still requires an exit

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Small Business Owners Sticking Around Longer for the Locals

OneAccord Capital TeamApr 11,2017
Small Business Owner

Small business owners tend to be locally minded. In a report published by the Business Journals on small to medium-sized business:   • 91 percent generate local sales • 70 percent prioritize doing business with local companies • 64 percent are actively involved in their local community to promote good

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Transitioning Your Business is a Team Sport

Ed KirkApr 4,2017

Most business owners only sell a business once in their lifetime, and for many it is the largest single financial transaction they will ever take on. Therefore, it is important to have the right team of trusted advisors to ensure it goes smoothly. There are a number of reasons to

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Good Reads for the Business Owner: Transition

OneAccord Capital TeamMar 28,2017

Good employees are the backbone of a business, but business owners know a productive, thriving workforce doesn’t just happen on its own. The posts, podcasts and videos listed below focus on issues such as attracting the right candidates so you can hire the best people, leading your employees through change

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Selling Your Business: Recasting Adjustments

Ed KirkMar 21,2017

  By Ed Kirk, Managing Director   Adjusted EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization) is often used as a basis for determining the value of privately held companies. It allows a company’s value to be estimated based on other transactions that have taken place with similar size and

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Multiples in Business Valuation, Part Two

Ed KirkMar 14,2017

  As the number of businesses for sale increases, so does demand for information about valuation. This insightful post originally appeared on; we are posting an updated version here with permission. By Ed Kirk, Managing Director   In my last valuation post I explained how profitability, either historical or

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Tax Tips for Business Succession Planning

Ed KirkMar 7,2017

By Ed Kirk, Managing Director   All privately held businesses will change ownership at some point, whether it’s to the owner’s children, existing employees or a third party. Federal and state tax treatment can vary significantly depending on what the outgoing and incoming owners negotiate. Understanding the impacts of the various taxes

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Good Reads for the Business Owner: Taxes and Retirement

OneAccord Capital TeamFeb 28,2017

Tax season is in full swing, as business owners are all too aware. While two of the posts listed below should prove helpful for considering the tax implications of transitioning a business, the other two offer a break from the subject of taxes by focusing on how a business transition

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The Role of Multiples in Business Valuation

OneAccord Capital TeamFeb 21,2017

As the number of businesses for sale increases, so does demand for information about valuation. This insightful post originally appeared in two parts on; we are re-posting it here with permission. By Ed Kirk, Managing Director   We’ve all heard of multiples or rules of thumb that help benchmark

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Industry Trend: Valentines Want Quality, Not Quantity

OneAccord Capital TeamFeb 14,2017
Industry Trends

The definition of healthy food has changed. In the 1980s it was low-fat at any cost—high sugar and chemical content was entirely permissible if it created a tasty, fatless version of our favorite foods. Today there’s an increasing emphasis on reading labels and selecting products based on the purity of

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