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The Role of Multiples in Business Valuation

OneAccord Capital TeamFeb 21,2017

As the number of businesses for sale increases, so does demand for information about valuation. This insightful post originally appeared in two parts on; we are re-posting it here with permission. We’ve all heard of multiples or rules of thumb that help benchmark a company’s value—four times earnings, six

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Industry Trend: Valentines Want Quality, Not Quantity

OneAccord Capital TeamFeb 14,2017
Industry Trends

The definition of healthy food has changed. In the 1980s it was low-fat at any cost—high sugar and chemical content was entirely permissible if it created a tasty, fatless version of our favorite foods. Today there’s an increasing emphasis on reading labels and selecting products based on the purity of

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Getting the Most Out of Marketing on Social Media

David MitchellFeb 7,2017

The question of marketing on social media is a big one for small business owners who don’t want to miss out on a potentially huge ROI but also don’t want to waste their time chasing rainbows. The truth is your marketing mix will always be unique to your business and your

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OneAccord Partners

Selling Your Business: The Big Picture

OneAccord Capital TeamJan 31,2017

The process of selling your business encompasses everything from financial matters to family considerations to the (often unexpected) psychological and emotional effects of suddenly not being an owner. As you shape your plan for transitioning your own business, the following list of articles can help you consider a few of

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OneAccord Capital

What Can Businesses Expect from the Trump Administration?

OneAccord Capital TeamJan 24,2017
Business Discussion

Recent events have turned the conversation among business owners to what last week’s inauguration means for them and their organizations.   Venable LLP recently hosted a summit to examine this issue, highlighting the following. These are thoughts for consideration, not predictions, and do not represent an exhaustive list by any

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The Challenges and Potential of Modern Marketing

OneAccord Capital TeamJan 17,2017

When it comes to marketing practices for modern companies, it’s no surprise that inbound is king. Not only is this form of marketing less expensive, it’s also more effective than traditional tactics. Hubspot released its eighth annual report on the state of inbound marketing this month. You can download the

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The Pros and Cons of the ESOP

OneAccord Capital TeamJan 10,2017

Business owners looking to exit their business are often curious about setting up an Employee Stock Ownership Plan. An ESOP basically allows an owner to sell the business to his or her employees, who then become shareholders of the company. This can be an attractive option when you read about the potential

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Happy New Year from OneAccord Capital

OneAccord Capital TeamJan 3,2017

Wishing you and yours a happy and prosperous new year.


OneAccord Capital 2016 Year in Review

OneAccord Capital’s 2016 Year in Review

OneAccord Capital TeamDec 27,2016

In 2016, OneAccord Capital met and exceeded all expectations.   The initial idea was to serve an underserved corner of the market, namely small business owners in blue-collar industries seeking to transition their companies. With its first acquisition OAC has successfully started doing just that. The purchase of Graphic Label,


Marketing the Small Business in 2017

Marketing in the New Year

OneAccord Capital TeamDec 20,2016

Whether you’re planning to sell in 2017 or not, your marketing can be a powerful tool for the growth, health and reputation of your business. As we round the corner into the new year, it’s important to consider your marketing. Is it working? Are you actually seeing growth as a