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OneAccord Capital 2016 Year in Review

OneAccord Capital’s 2016 Year in Review

In 2016, OneAccord Capital met and exceeded all expectations.

The initial idea was to serve an underserved corner of the market, namely small business owners in blue-collar industries seeking to transition their companies. With its first acquisition OAC has successfully started doing just that. The purchase of Graphic Label, Inc. is a perfect example of what OneAccord Capital does and why. We were able to buy the business, preserve the legacy of the previous owners and bring on talent from our own network to fill any gaps. OneAccord Partner Max Clough is now serving as President/CEO of GLI, steering it into a future of healthy, sustainable growth while continuing to serve GLI’s employees, clients, vendors and community well.

As 2016 unfolded and OneAccord Capital searched for its next acquisition, three things became abundantly clear.


  1. There’s a huge gap in the market.
    Baby-boomer business owners are seeking buyers in record numbers and those with small businesses in blue-collar industries have the hardest time finding a new owner. OAC is focused exclusively on this specific corner of the market, seeking companies in the Pacific Northwest with an EBITDA from $500,000 to $2 million in the manufacturing, business and service industries.

  3. There’s an overwhelming need for sell-side services.
    OneAccord Capital can’t buy every business for sale, which we knew going into 2016. However, as we witnessed just how extensive the need is for sell-side services, we realized OAC had the potential to meet that need. So we added a highly skilled team consisting of John O’Dore, Ed Kirk and Brian Jorgenson to provide sell-side services.

  5. OneAccord Capital’s value proposition is unparalleled.
    Capital has the ability to buy businesses that are the right fit for our investors, help sell companies that aren’t and assist owners to increase the value of their organization. When we buy a company and it needs an executive who can drive growth without compromising legacy, Capital can draw on its network of experts to implement the right person for the job.

In 2016, Capital met and exceeded all expectations. We’re on track to go further in 2017 and look forward to continuing to serve small business owners in the new year and beyond.