We Sell Companies

OneAccord Capital specializes in selling companies with EBITDA of $1 million and above.

Selling companies in this space is unique because many of these companies are too big for individual buyers, yet too small to attract a lot of attention from financial buyers. We are unique because we focus only on this space.

Some factors that make us different include:

Expertise and extensive network

  • Our extended OneAccord Team has experience operating and managing businesses in a variety of industries, so there’s a good chance we have hands-on experience with your industry.
  • Brokers don’t create value; they create a market in order to realize the value that you’ve created with hard work over the years. Market reach and understanding is critical.
  • We have experience selling companies to individual buyers, strategic buyers (including Fortune 500 companies) and financial buyers/private equity, so we know how to deal with each one while generating the best value and terms with the right buyer.

Single, trusted resource

  • We have the resources to help even if you don’t know the right path yet – or if you are years away from a transition. If the sale of the business doesn’t meet your goals right now we can help you grow the business or fix other issues that may be detracting from value without having to send you to multiple outside resources. This allows for a seamless experience.
  • We’re not just a listing service; we take control of the entire process of valuation, packaging, marketing, negotiating, due diligence, financing and legal coordination, and post-closing activities – all so you can focus on the business while we focus on the deal.

Certified valuations

  • Don’t leave what may be the largest single financial transaction of your life to a simple rule of thumb. Buyers in this space don’t have investment bankers on retainer, so it’s the seller’s responsibility to explain the value proposition – in detail.
  • We have a Certified Valuation Analyst in-house and extensive operating experience which is important for understanding the nuances of each industry.
  • The number one reason deals fall apart is unrealistic seller or buyer expectations due to lack of detailed valuations. We price the business right to start with so you won’t spend months trying (and likely failing) to close a pricing gap that shouldn’t have existed in the first place.

Ability to connect “right” buyers and sellers

  • Your legacy is important, and our process is designed to find the right buyer. To many business owners finding the right buyer is more important than price alone. Ensuring the future success of the company for the sake of the employees, customers, and other stakeholders who have helped build the company and made it successful matters.